July 27, 2005

Baslisk 12

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Hotarubi runs through the rain, Zaemon follows and flings a blade at her. (more…)

July 25, 2005

Basilisk 11

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In the dark of night the Kouga gather around the ninja scroll. (more…)

July 7, 2005

Basilisk 10

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So now that I’ve seen the sub, I’m gonna do an amended writeup for this episode.

June 15, 2005

Basilisk 9

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Woohoo new ending!! (Ok I realized later this wasn’t a new ending at all, but it was the first time I’d taken notice of it. hahahaha.. YES my hair is naturally blonde @_@)

Gennosuke is given the ninja scroll. As he’s reading over it, a large group of the Iga rush up to the three Kouga.

We then see Oboro, as she stares at Okoi’s dead body in horror and then runs out of the salt shed to find Gennosuke.


Basilisk 8

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For a great write-up on Basilik 8 and some lovely screencaps, head on over to Itsumo Anime Blog

I will have some screencaps for Ep 9 and whatever sort of write up after watching a raw that I can muster. (I don’t know Japanese at all :S )

June 12, 2005


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As you all probably know, Funimation has licenced Baslisk, therefore both Ani-Kraze and IYF have dropped the show. *sniff* Don’t these companies know I’m a horribly impatient person? And now they expect me to WAIT until they release all of the dvds for me to see the end? Ah well. Basilisk is definitely on my ever growing “must have” list! Great job sneaky Funimation, you’ll have some more of my money very soon :P.

June 1, 2005

Basilisk 7

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Okoi gets interrogated about each of the Kouga ninjas and what their techniques are, but she refuses to give in no matter how she is threatened. (Ok, she’s not even allowed to go to the bathroom. That’s just evil!!!!!!!)

I really like Okoi. She’s gutsy. I especially liked how she made fun of Rousai’s stupid eggplant shaped head. Rousai’s comeback was super lame. “It’s filled with grudges against the Kouga.” Blah blah blah. But man, Okoi’s attack of draining the blood right out of people is flat nasty. I literally went ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww as I watched it. Power to the woman though. Down goes conehead!

Hotarubi sees “Yashamaru” (It’s really Zaemon) as he heads toward the Iga camp. She’s really out of it, and looks like she took Yashamaru’s death very hard.She drops her weapons and stumbles towards him. then runs at him, with tears falling from her eyes. A bittersweet scene really as she’s obviously relieved because she thinks he’s alive. How much harder will it be for her when she finds out the truth?
The snake on her shoulder knows that something isn’t right attacks “Yashamaru”. Hotarubi hurls the snake away and then proceeds to suck the poison from the wound on his finger.

I wonder if Yashamaru’s death made her crazy, or if she was crazy from the start, because she expressed way too much pleasure at the thought of how she dealt the finishing blow “again and again” to Shogen. *Shudder* I think she’s my favourite. What can I say, I indentify with the crazies.

Back to Okoi, who is still in the salt storage room. Rousai is dead and she’s about to leave when she hears someone approach. She hides Rousai’s body and quickly pretends to still be tied up. Ugly warty face man comes in looking for Rousai and sees Okoi. She pretends to cry and begs him to kill her. She claims to have been raped by Rousai. THEN Wartmonger decides he will rape her too, which drummed up all sorts of homicidal urges in me. Luckily Okoi took care of business so I don’t have to.

No ewww this time when she used her blood draining attack. My reaction went more like, “GOOD OKOI. KILL THAT NASTY BAD MAN.” He so freaking deserved it.

We end with Oboro meeting with Tenzen, who FINALLY tells her that the peace treaty has been broken! YAY!!! Now things should get very very interesting.

May 25, 2005

Basilisk 6

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The Iga ninjas decided to kill Gennosuke since the Kouga now know of their actions.

They stumble upon Okoi and watch her from the bushes, then surround her. Tenzen slyly gets her to tell them her name so he can determine if she’s one of the ninjas on the scroll. When they find out she is, Nenki goes after her (using his hair in a very George of the Jungle type way), captures her, and they imprison her at the Iga camp for interrogation later.

Back at the Kouga camp, there’s some disagreement over how to handle the situation. Gyoubu wants to attack the Iga, but Hyouma disagrees and says that they will investigate them instead as Hyouma suspects that the peace treaty has been broken.

Later on it is confirmed that the peace treaty has indeed been broken, and two of the Kouga (Gyoubu and another guy whose name escape me at the moment) plan to sneak into the Iga camp to tell Gennosuke the news and save him from the Iga.

Again we go back to the Iga camp, where Gennosuke and Oboro are visiting Ogen’s garden. Oboro tells Gennosuke that the scout she sent out came back reporting that everyone is fine, but Gennosuke still seems worried.

We later find out that all of the people that Oboro would possibly choose as scouts were “warned beforehand.”

Interesting episode. The animation quality was definitely better than in ep 5, though still lacking in some spots. I know I skipped over a lot of stuff that went on, but I’m just not very good at writing play-by-plays :P.

I’m still very much enjoying Basilisk, though I hope Gennosuke and Oboro being in the dark about the peace treaty doesn’t last too much longer. AND! I want to know if Gennosuke really does love her or if he’s just using her.

May 23, 2005

Basilisk 5

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We start off at the Kouga camp. At Danjou Kouga’s mansion Hyouma, Gyobu and Kagero meet and discuss Gennosuke’s absence. Kagero is visibly upset that he’s been gone so long and worries about him being in the Iga camp.

Hyouma basically tells her to knock it off and states that Gennosuke’s decision will benefit them in the long run. Gyobu doesn’t believe that Hyouma is as confident in Gennosuke as he claims and Hyouma admits that he’s not entirely convinced but wants to believe in Gennosuke.

Then Kagero says something very interesting, ” for a peace that nobody desires, he’s with a girl he doesn’t even like.”

Kagero then expresses a desire to kill Oboro, as she is the head of the Iga. But I wonder if that’s her only reason for wanting Oboro dead..

After some deliberation they decide to send someone to check on Gennosuke, and an mannish woman named Okoi is given the job.

Back at the Iga camp, Gennosuke wonders where Jousuke is. Akeginu tells Oboro and Gennosuke that Jousuke kept coming to her room during the night, and that she told him she’s “not into fat people” and that he got upset and ran off.

A group of the Iga ninjas go to the Kouga camp to take them by surprise, but they are detected and the Kouga are ready for them before they get there.

They’re surrounded by the kouga, Tenzen tells the Kouga that they are messengers that Gennosuke sent from the Iga camp. But the Kouga are not quick to believe them, and they are ordered by be arrested.

A big brawl breaks out, with the Iga group kicking some serious ass and sending the blood a-flyin.

One of the Iga, I can’t remember his name right now makes a “high speed wind vacuum” that makes people’s heads explode!!!

Hyouma shows up and abruptly stops the fight. Tenzen maintains that they only fought in self defense, but then declares that if the Kougra try to come to Iga and get revenge, they’ll kill Gennosuke.

Back to Iga..,

Gennosuke and Oboro visit Ogen’s garden. He asks her to send a messenger to Kouga to make sure that Jousuke is ok. Oboro remembers what she saw the other night. It’s been a while since I saw episode four… does she know that he’s dead or does she only suspect it? I can’t remember. In the end, Oboro promises to send a messenger right away.

Great episode, though the animation was of far lower quality than usual. FAR lower. I hope this doesn’t continue.

The tension continues to build. I wonder how much longer we will have to wait until all bets are off and Gennosuke and Oboro find out that their people are killing each other.

I also am curious about Kagero’s comment. Does Gennosuke actually love Oboro, or is he using her? I certainly hope it’s the former.

May 13, 2005

Basilisk 4

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Episode 4 takes us inside the Iga village. It’s obvious the Iga aren’t exactly ecstatic about having Kouga members inside their camp. The scene where they’re all sitting together is incredibly tense. Gennosuke and Oboro try to relax everyone, he plays beautiful flute music which she dances. Ahh a lovely scene. My favourite parts of this episode were the incredibly cute scenes between Gennosuke and Oboro. They’re adorable! I want to pinch their cheeks ^_^ heh.

But man, Jousuke is disgusting. Warring ninja factions aside, I woulda tried to kill him too if he kept coming on to me all the time like he did with Akeginu. Not to mention that he is basically rubber and can squeeze through iron bars and plop out the other side like a huge lump of blubber.

So we get to see more fighting between the ninjas, while Gennosuke and Oboro remain ignorant. I don’t think it will be much longer until they find out though.

How much longer till episode 5??

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