November 15, 2008

What I watched recently

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Clannad After Story - 03

Nothing but a web of lies, eh? First the fake girlfriend, and now Okazaki as the fake brother. I’m looking forward to his showdown with Sunohara next episode. It’s nice to have a little break from the usual “Okazaki messing with the twit Sunohara just for the heck of it” plot device, hilarious as it always is. I hope Sunohara’s character will grow from this, but without losing that dynamic between him and Okazaki.

Also, Sanae plays a schoolgirl way too convincingly.

Clannad continues to be the perfect mix of comedy and drama.

Bounen no X’amd - 14

This episode was really sad! Haru is obviously desperate to return to their more innocent days. I didn’t think Furuichi felt the same; I thought he just wanted Haru all to himself, but the scene where he orders the three Ramune drinks says otherwise. And what he chose to do… I didn’t see that coming.

Kind of disappointed in the memory loss plot development, though. That seems so overused…

Nodame Cantabile - Paris Chapter - 05

Best lovers’ quarrel ever.

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