March 26, 2006

Black Cat 20

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Well Well. It’s been a while since we last saw what Rin has been up to. Good to have her kinda back.

With Creed all full of inner healing I was wondering where the series was going to go for the last four episodes.

Eve is adorably sad as she thinks about the meaning of “family”. Since the big battle is seemingly over everyone is pondering that big question, “Where do we go from here?” Eve’s wish is to stay with Sven, but when she tells him this he starts talking about sending her to school and simply doesn’t get what she’s trying to say. So she runs off and ends up returning to the same people she previously escaped from.

And now we have the answer to everyone’s question! We’re revisiting the “Eve is a weapon made for destruction” plot thread that we kinda lost when Creed took centre stage. And we apparently still have some double-crossing Chronos members and the Apostles of the Star to deal with.

Mmmm… I like a series that tries to tie up loose ends.

3 Responses to “Black Cat 20”

  1. crimson Says:

    i told a friend about the development in the anime since he read the manga.
    He said it doesnt seems to be near the ending.

    *crimson, feeling hopeful for season 2*

  2. Ten Says:

    I hope you’re right, crimson. It’s hard to part with BC right now since it has been consistently enjoyable.

  3. Ren Says:

    We can only hope! When this series first started airing, wasn’t the word on the street that it was going to be around 50 eps? Maybe it still will be, just split up into separate seasons.

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