March 9, 2006

Black Cat 16

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How happy am I to read that Black Cat is only 24 episodes? Don’t get me wrong, I love this series, but I was a little overwhelmed at the thought of blogging 50+ episodes.

I love how Eve gets different hairstyles and clothes. In this episode her hair looked like a kind of homage to Princess Leia and was adorable and hilarious at the same time.

Now, excuse me while I freak out. OMYGOSH! SAYA! Not having read the manga, I really thought it was her. She had the same kimono and everything. My heart did a little jump and I felt a stab of pain when seeing her walking around.

I have to say I don’t quite like the “I’m not Saya I’m her… ” what, sister or something? thing. Seems to me just a way to get Saya’s face back into the story and twist the knife in Train’s heart a little every episode. I mean, really, he angsts enough on his own he really doesn’t need this. His reaction to first seeing her - dead silence and blank stares - was priceless though.

Argh! I don’t want Saki singing Saya’s song (alliteration - woot!), I want Sayaaaa. *stomps foot in a childish fit*

This is going to take some getting used to.

So, the moral of the story? 1.) I feel that this entry is very random so I’m going to stop now. 2. This episode seems to try to teach us that you can’t fight alone. awwwwww. *tear* Maybe I’m just bitter, but by the end I had Barbra Streisand’s “People, people who neeeeeeeed people” running through my head and that is not a fun thing. :|

10 Responses to “Black Cat 16”

  1. Ten Says:

    What? Only 24 eps? I’m disappointed but oddly relieved. I love watching this series. And for some reason, it’s a fun series to blog.

    How dare they play the hearts of viewers by using the exact image of Saya? I speculated on an arc for the supposed second season using Saki and the baby. That won’t be happening then. So all this is becomes a cheap manipulation. Argh. I really miss Saya.

  2. crimson Says:

    my friend who read the manga seem to suggest the story is still kinda early…but that was like when i told him about the story at episode 10.

    Might there be a second season?

  3. Ren Says:

    Ten - I really don’t understand how the series can be only 24 eps, especially if the manga is much much longer. I feel your pain on missing Saya. Her lookalike just doesn’t have as much mystery and charm as she did.

    Crimson - second season? Hmm.. perhaps. I guess only time will tell!

  4. TL-chan Says:

    I don’t think any Saya fan can watch this episode without a somewhat childish reaction. Saki is just so much not Saya yet she looks exactly the same. It’s just a way to taunt viewers.

  5. crimson Says:

    she’s not?
    i mean…i somehow feel like they’re from the same tribe or sumthing.

  6. Kasai Says:

    Geez!! What a disappointing ending… Leaves you desperate for a sequel or something. With Train leaving and everything. Ending it without really putting an “end” to everything and finishing it up… I tend to see that a lot in anime’s recently… Maybe it raises sales? Not like we’re watching them after they’re licensed…

  7. Minagi Says:

    u know the name of saya’s song???

  8. SAYA Says:

    ohh howw dare these japanesee!!! cant we write a fanletter to them to change the story and bring Saya back?? i want the real saya back!! and not just a stupid image!

  9. Jashushu Says:

    oh oh oh! what’s the name of the song Saya and Saki sang? I NEED TO KNOW! i’ve been dying to know the song name T.T
    tell me~ please
    Yah~ Saki looks like Saya~
    maybe saki IS saya 0.0
    arg…this is confusing @___@
    Damn Creed, why did you have to kill Saya? T.T
    Oh…Anyone who knows the name of the song Saya and Saki sang PLEASE leave a reply here….thankies ^^

  10. Lady Enomis Says:

    The name of the song Saya and Saki sing is called Konoyo no Uta by Iwasaki Taku. If u search that name on google or something you can find the lyrics.

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