February 19, 2006

Black Cat 12-15

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Another batch entry for your reading (dis)pleasure. This time around it’s Black Cat episodes 12 to 15.


Heavy on the drama, light on the comedy complete with bittersweet flashbacks of saya and a fight between Train and Creed. Beautifully animated, fast paced episode. I much prefer these episodes to the silly ones.


That being said, Kyouko is pretty funny in episode 13. I don’t know how I feel about the new ED. I want to like it because I really didn’t enjoy the first silly ED, but this one seems just a little too.. soap opera theme songish? I don’t know how to describe it.


What the heck? Train is a little kid suddenly? Ah, who cares. At least we get some backstory for him!


Not much besides silliness takes place in this episode except at the very end when Train takes off to go hunt down and kill Creed on his own.

Black Cat remains entertaining and engaging. Until next time! (Uh, might be a while)

9 Responses to “Black Cat 12-15”

  1. Zyl Says:

    Ren, you have been missed. Nice to see you back in action. Until next time!

  2. Stripey Says:

    ooo I like this style of bite-sized multi-ep entries :) *take notes for hontou ni*

  3. Ren Says:

    Zyl - thanks! I’ve missed all of you guys. But I get to come home soon and then I’ll officially be back in action. :)

    Stripey - thanks to to you too! It’s an easy way to get caught up when you’ve got a ton of backlog but feel overwhelmed at the thought of even starting to tackle it. I could just completely skip episodes, but I’m obsessive and need to have things as complete as possible. Heh.

  4. kawaii Says:


    I’ve missed you, and I’m soooo glad to see you blogging again. :)

  5. crimson Says:

    episode 18 feels so intense with all the actions i think i’m in love~~

  6. crimson Says:

    i forgot to mention, must be because of the bgm. There seems to be a bunch of new ones in 18.

  7. Ender Says:

    Kyoko is just soooo goofy…too bad there’s no chance that she’ll ever get with Train.

    In regards to the first ED, I actually found it to be rather creepy…those weird cat faces are the stuff of nightmares.

  8. crimson Says:

    episode 19 is pretty awesome too.
    At the 5th min when sephira does her final attack, this is how moves should be executed! Warcry then BAM!! rather than screaming out the moves name in the midst of execution like Hadu seikai senku tenmo chang kenpa kami o no densetsu ougi mekkai no jougi that makes u wonder how long it takes to execute the move.

  9. Ren Says:

    Kawaii - I’ve missed you too! It’s sooo good to be back, and thank you for the warm welcome home.

    Crimson - I can’t wait to get caught up on all the BC goodness.

    Ender - Great to see you hanging around my little blog here. I haaated the first ED. It was so weird and happy and… jarring to my precious senses. And yeah, Kyouko is hilarious. Kyouko + Train together is gold.

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