December 15, 2005

Suzuka 23

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It must’ve been weird for Suzuka to hear Yamato so hell bent on becoming number one. After all, wasn’t her main complaint about him at the beginning of the series that he had no goals and he was too careless about everything? Boy, things sure have changed haven’t they.

In fact, all the girls have noticed the change in him. Miki marvels that he’s so determined and correctly figures out that winning Suzuka’s praise is the motivation. Honoka watches from the shadows, overhears their conversation, and her heart is broken once again. She admits to Nana that she had intended to confess to Yamato again, but now she doesn’t know if she should bother. Nana gives some great advice at this point - forget about a guy who won’t even look at you because, darlin, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

I’m glad that Yamato told Suzuka to shut up for once when she was criticizing him. And kudos to him for asking her point blank just what it is about him that irks her sooo much. Too bad she didn’t have the guts to answer. ;-). Still, he shook her up enough to make her stop him from leaving so she could apologize in a truly sincere tone.

Ah, our poor conflicted heroine.. will you ever sort your feelings out?

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  1. Mentar Says:

    It’s interesting how they picture Miki, isn’t it? I really really enjoy her character, quite a bit ^_^

    My verdict would be that she doesn’t have a “crush” on Yamato, but she’s susceptible to him. If he wasn’t “taken”, she would be interested. And with Yamato’s open way to deal with her, her “soft spot” for him is poked again and again.

    In a later part of the story (which we won’t see in the anime, so I feel I can vaguely spoil it), Yamato tries to “practice” calling people by their first names. And again, poor Miki is the guinea pig, when he asks her with a very serious and grave facial expression if she would be okay if he would continue to call her Miki from now on. Never was Miki’s reaction cuter than there, and her later punishment for him more well-deserved ;)

    I was surprised (and a bit disappointed) to see that they removed a Honoka key scene. In the manga, Honoka visits Nana during a photo shoot, and she gets pressured into having a few joint shots of her and Nana. She’s too tense and embarrassed, but one picture taken of her without her knowledge will turn out to be very very successful.

    We’re currently turning towards the (very good) final stretch. Especially episode 25 will be amazing. Let’s see how the Suzuka situation is resolved…

  2. flame Says:

    Is the manga over? how many books are in the manga?

    The anime will fill all the manga story?

    Thanks in advance

  3. Ren Says:

    Mentar - I saw you posted this comment over at Hand of Gory as well, and here I thought I was special :-P.

    Anyway, Miki is great and I think saying that she has a crush on Yamato is quite right. I like though, that she doesn’t let her crush make her obsessive or crazy. She’s just…… normal, and smart!

    I’m sad that Suzuka is ending. I’d be very interested to see Honoka at the photo shoot, and by your little spoiler, I assume you mean she perhaps gets into modelling? If not, she SHOULD! Everyone knows I think she dresses like one. ;)

    Flame - I have no idea if the manga is over, as I don’t read it. Hopefully Mentar will stop by and answer your question.

  4. Mentar Says:

    The manga is still ongoing, currently at chapter 89. The anime will end at chapter 72, and probably wrap up the rest and tie some loose ends which remain in the manga at this point.

  5. Mentar Says:

    Oh, and about the Honoka conclusion: When the anime is done, I’ll post the relevant shots from the manga chapters and summarize the completion of Honoka’s metamorphosis. But for now, she has one more key task to fulfill in episode 25.

  6. crimson Says:

    so far, 73-89 of the manga is the more typical stuffs. Some of me makes me want to punch yamato once in a while :D
    other than that, the high pt should be near the finale of this anime.

  7. Chicken Says:


    Ehm…….I thought the anime series of Suzuka will only go till episode 26! Am I right about this? Because Mentar said that the anime will end at chapter 72, I thought it was after 26?? Please help me out guys!?


  8. Ren Says:

    Chicken - episode 26 will be the final episode of the anime, and episode 26 will be based upon chapter 72 of the manga. that’s what Mentar meant.

  9. Tyler Says:

    I’m so sad that there is only 26 total episoedes. This anime is one of the few that can make me have mixed emotions and leave me thinking about it for weeks.

    I am really dissapointed but at the same time happy that there are people smart enough to come up with a storyline and characters like this.

    10 out of 10

  10. Tyler Says:

    I just finished watching episode 26… wrapped it up nicely and made me feel sad lol.

    This anime had an impact on me and sometimes I wish I was Yamato. I’m going to be thinking about this for a while :)

    Suzuka - My Fav Anime

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