December 2, 2005

Suzuka 21

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Yamato is upset that Suzuka is mad at him and it’s affecting his performance on the track team. Miki tries to help him out, but he’s still distracted.

This causes him to reflect on all the mistakes he’s made in his relationships with Suzuka and Honoka. He then asks himself the all important question of, “What is it that I really want?” His immediate need is to be friends with Suzuka again, so he decides to come clean with her but he can’t figure out how to tell her.

In the end, he just goes for it. He’s never been the most eloquent speaker but at least he finally tells her the truth. She’s understandably upset. He keeps trying to lighten things up betweeen them, but Suzuka, in typical i’m-confused-about-my-emotions-so-
i’ll-just-turn-them-off fashion, reacts coldly to all his attempts. Also typically, she eventually breaks down and ends up screaming at him.

Cutest Suzuka moment: her being too embarassed to take out her laundry when Yamato is there because he might see her underwear.

Yamato may be dumb, but man Suzuka doesn’t help lessen any confusion. “I’m not hungry, stop talking to me.” “I am hungry, give me some of your food.” “Leave so I can take my laundry out, I’m embarassed!” “Where do you think you’re going? I can’t eat alone!”

At least he figured out in the end that he still likes her. Maybe now we’ll see some real progression in their relationship? C’mon people there’s only 5 episodes to go! (Wait, only five more? Booooo)

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  1. Phoenix512 Says:

    Yamato’s dumbest moment in the episode where he couldn’t figure from the clues that Suzuka didn’t want him to see her underwear until she told him so. It takes a special kind of naivity to not get what she was implying.

  2. crimson Says:

    not when yamato doesnt use his brains on every details and when he has no discrimination against garments.

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