October 11, 2005

I’m in love with the postman

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So here they are, pics of the first of my birthday orders that arrived in the mail today. What we have is Portrait de Petite Cossette, a Yuzuki figure, and Vols 5 & 6 of Last Exile (thereby completing my collection of the series). You will also notice pics of some Mai Hime figures that I won off eBay and received quite some time ago, but was too lazy to post.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by  Image hosted by

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Cossette comes with a reversible cover, seen here:

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

And a reversible poster too!

Image hosted by  Image hosted by

Bah, some of the pictures turned out blurry, but I’m too lazy to re-take them. Oh well.. Now, to go explore the DVDs…

15 Responses to “I’m in love with the postman”

  1. problematic404 Says:

    Wow…what an awesome collection! When was your bday Ren? I am so jealous, I want the Mai HiME Gashapon set…haha.

  2. crimson Says:

    yeah! nice! i cant say wow cos problematic404 used it alrdy. But, wow!

    Just curious though…are the mai hime figurines crafted in details too…i mean, are they detailed beyond the skirts too?

    *recalls stripey’s hong kong visit and shopping for anime characters where his gf finds the details of the skool costume to be…distur…impressive in some sense*

  3. Ren Says:

    Crimson - lol what do you mean detailed beyond the skirts? If you’re asking if you can look up them and see their pantsu, then yes :P. In fact, you could take the skirts off and have them stand their in their panstu… but uhhh.. I don’t think I’ll be doing that. Heh.

    Probby-chan - my birthday was on September 24, I turned 25. *sniff sniff* I feel so old. I love Mai-HiME. I wish Bandai would let us know when the first DVD is coming out. I can tell you right now I’ll be pre-ordering that baby.

  4. crimson Says:

    happy belated bday!

    oh wow, u can even take their skirts off? amazing..


  5. Ren Says:

    *Shakes head* Boys…

  6. crimson Says:

    oh weird, the last part of my message didnt appear.

    was supposed to look like:

    crimson, who have never own such figurines before

    where arrows were used in place of the comma earlier

  7. moyism Says:

    Crimson, here’s how the average gashapon fig works:
    Natsuki Before & Natsuki After.

    Hope that helped ;)

  8. Ren Says:

    Poor Natsuki has gone all to pieces!! Really, that picture is kind of macabre in a way. Heh.

  9. problematic404 Says:

    Haha! Happy Belated Birthday! I know that’s kinda late, but I wanted to wish you one! If only I made my blog earlier than I could’ve made a post on it. Wow I would love the first DVD for Mai HiME too, but you should also check out the manga for it! That is a must have!

  10. crimson Says:

    ah, thanks mayism!

    does all of the character figures work that way?
    as in, fully painted and in pieces when u first get them?

    sorry, but i can tell u more about electric guitars than about the character figures :P

  11. moyism Says:

    crimson, it’s an “O” not “A” btw ^_^;;

    gashapon figures, yes they’re all prepainted and easy to assembly. Only thing is they’re like 3inches tall.

    Of course, you can spend more money ($60 and up) for helleva better pre-painted and pre-assembled figures that are like 12+inches tall.

    Collecting figures can be a VERY expensive hobby!

  12. crimson Says:

    oops, sorry about that moyism.
    Recently i’ve been making alot of typos with the keyboard. Must be part of the effects of sleeping at ungodly hours.

    Yeah, i have heard of friends’ friend who collect all the figures on DBZ, naruto or onepiece.
    And they usually have a mini glass case in their room.
    I wonder how small is mini though…considering the number of figures they probably have.

  13. Hisyam Says:

    Cool pictures. Very nice :)
    I have the same Mai Hime figures too hehe.
    Yes picture sucks bcoz of the phone.

  14. crimson Says:

    woo, characters from tenje tenjo (however it’s spelt) and jubei chan.

  15. kawaii Says:

    Happy belated birthday, Ren! My birthday was on the 16th of Sept. (turned 28 this year), so we both turned a year older around the same time. You have nice birthday loot! :)

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