October 1, 2005

Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid 10

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This time around we learn more about the Lambda Driver. It must have been hard for Sousuke to hear his comrades indirectly criticizing his ability to activate it and reminding him of this failure in that regard in Nanking.

It’s weird to see Sousuke having a conversation with the Arbalest like it’s a person, weirder still that it seems to be able to actually learn things like a person. And it has instincts? That’s simultaneously creepy and wicked cool. But these supposed human-like qualities seem to only increase Sousuke’s hatred for the Arbalest.

Oh, and Mao’s story about how her father tried to marry her off but she snuck away on the day of the wedding to join the marines to piss him off was great! And very Mao-like. Heh.

Now Mao telling Sousuke off for being distracted by thoughts of Chidori was quite powerful, though I don’t think she was 100% on the mark. He was brooding the whole episode, but over the Arbalest in addition to Chidori.

He couldn’t protect Chidori, and he can’t seem to activate the Lambda Driver when he needs to. It all boils down to feeling like a failure, which leads to the questions of, “What am I good at? What am I good for? What do I want to be good at? Where is my life going and what am I living for?” These are powerful questions, and if one goes on a journey to truly find the answers internal and external chaos inevitably ensues.

It’s risky and crazy and hard, but true growth will never happen if you don’t take the chance. I commend Sousuke for questioning himself, and I respect him even more for his blunt honesty in the words, “I can’t take it anymore.” It never helps to try and pretend you’re ok when you’re not.

Yup, so at the time of finishing this post it’s just after 3:00 a.m. and I can’t sleep. Insomnia causes me to have many so-called deep throughts. Heh.

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