August 26, 2005

Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid 7

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Aggh!! Amazing episode!

More thoughts when I get home from work and then Future Shop. Ima go buy me a digital camera. (Like I’m not poor enough already..)

Ok here it is:

This ep was absolutely intense. To see Sousuke completely lose his cool and start shouting confidential information was awesome. Of course it quickly got the response he wanted - a phone call from Wraith. Even though Wraith says his job is to protect Chidori, Sousuke is skeptical.

The conversation with Wraith was painful and frustrating. He seemed bent on hitting Sousuke in every weak spot.

Wraith calls him an annoyance, said he’s even thought of killing him. Sousuke is all tough and tells him to try it, but I think that comment will actually hurt him. Not as bad as what follows, though. Wraith makes fun of Sousuke for the salon incident. He tells him he’s not a student, never has been, that his achievements and school records are all lies, and he couldn’t even be with Chidori all the time because of his other missions. Basically, he’s calling him useless. Sousuke is already torn with trying to be a soldier, and trying to act more like a normal guy.

His feelings are already in turmoil. Biting comments like these can only serve to further cause Sousuke’s precarious balancing act to become more unstable. Sousuke no doubt will walk away from this event more confused as to who he is and what he wants, and whether he’s of any value to anyone.

Wraith goes so far as to call him a burden to Chidori, and that his mere presence endangers her.

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

Bah! It killed me to see Chidori on cloud nine only to be crushed flat when Sousuke didn’t show up at school. I’m sure she started out wondering if she had done something wrong to make him stay away. But by the end of the ep she was figuring out that there’s more to it.

Agh and when she was walking with Kyouko and then Xia Yu Lan walked by and everything slowed down and the music changed, and Chidori started panicking…Wow, what an amazingly intense moment, and the tension built right to the end when Chidori stood in Sousuke’s empty apartment, feeling vulnerable and afraid.

The small details are one of this series’ strong points: The way her hand shook, the way her breathing got more rapid. How she hurriedly phoned Sousuke and kept telling herself “it’s ok it’s ok it’s ok.” They way she turned the tv up to drown out any other sounds. The way every little bump and noise made her jump, a marked difference from her normal demeanor. She knows, she knows something isn’t right. She’s lived all of this time in relative peace, but suddenly Sousuke is gone, a strange girl passes by her, and her world is beginning to crumble again and she’s reminded that she is a target.

I can’t believe we don’t get more FMP for three weeks. I’m going to die.

5 Responses to “Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid 7”

  1. crimson Says:

    i’m glad i didnt start watching this yet :P

    anyway, that effect was all over me with suzuka and i went ahead and got their mangas and read it till 4 am a few days ago.

  2. Mohammad Says:

    This show is getting better and better with every episode.

  3. akibatype Says:

    Yes, We can’t watch FMP for a while. Only one thing we can do is just waiting!!

  4. Mentar Says:


    Aw sheesh, you’ve been spoiling you with the manga, crimson? Don’t do that. Especially since in volume 5, things are heating up quite a bit. Stay away ;)

    And yeah, TSR does an awesome job of capturing the spirit of the novels. It’s certainly WAY superior to them, and it’s extremely rare that I prefer the anime to the book. Looking forward to… well… TSR in 3 weeks.

  5. crimson Says:

    dont worry mentar, i’m already somewhere at volume 8 :P
    I’m glad i didnt really heard about Suzuka earlier on.

    anywhere in between 5-7 will probably sear me abit but i guess i could distract myself with the endless pile of school assignments if that had happened.

    for now, i can only wait for colours and sounds to breathe another level of life into the world of Suzuka, which is its anime.

    Meantime, i’m still stacking up FMP2nd in my drive.
    As mentioned previously, I’m still wondering if it’s good to watch the 1st season first before watching the 2nd. Come to think of it, it obviously is good to have watched the previous season first.. so, now i’m just wondering when i can actually meet up with a friend and get it from him.

    Some of the blog lines by ren for this episode of FMP2nd further spurs my desire to watch it. But i reminded myself that i prefer the real cliff hangers on a mountain (i think dangling on a mountain is more exciting but scary…anyway, we also get to know the outcome in less than a week’s time) as compared to those generated by show episodes (which reminds me, what if being the type of plot-curious person i am and when i had picked up Suzuka manga when it’s only out till vol 6).

    I guess reflection bestowed a new level of patience into me..
    *went on ahead to watch FMP2nd trailer*
    or did it..

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