August 18, 2005

I have no self control

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This weekend when I was at Ai-kon I was perusing the program. On the very back was an advertisement for a comic book store here in Winnipeg which claimed to have “one of the best selections of anime & manga anywhere.” I was a little skeptical. In these parts I’ve found it hard to find stores that actually have an extensive selection of anime and/or manga. However, I was super bored today after work so I decided to get out the ole Mud Dawg (that would be my bike.. yes, it has a name, and yes, it’s Mud ‘Dawg’.. don’t ask…) and bike the measly 4km’s to the store.

Oh man… they weren’t kidding. Shelves and shelves and yet more shelves of manga! Rows of anime! Magazines (including Newtype, Protoculture Addicts, Shounen Jump etc.) and artbooks! Action figures and toys! My jaw hit the floor. I think I drooled. I know I wet myself a bit. (Yeah, I probably shouldn’t have admitted that..) All of this in my very own hick-city-in-a-prairie-province, Winnipeg!

I have found my new mecca. And of course I couldn’t resist BUYING stuff, even though I already spent a ton of cash in Europe and at Ai-Kon. So I picked up some manga. Specifically, Chrono Crusade Vols. 1 & 2, and Saikano Vols 4 & 5.

(I had to give my brother his digital camera back since *he’s* now in Europe, so all I can post are some stock photos. Ah well.. if I can stop buying manga I’ll eventually have enough money to buy my own camera…^_^v)

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