August 17, 2005

Basilisk 14

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I think Gennosuke is actually quite deep and my respect for him grows with each episode. At the beginning of the series I strongly doubted his feelings for Oboro and thought that he was just using her, especially given comments made by others. But as he journeys towards Sunpu and we see his reflections on his times with Oboro, it is clear that his love for her is very deep and that he honestly wishes for reconciliation between the two clans. This leads me to ask the question though, of why he doesn’t do something right now to stop the fighting? Why does he allow his people to kill the Iga if his ultimate goal is peace between them? Maybe it’s the ‘kill or be killed’ belief, or maybe he has some other plan that will show itself later. Though, if he waits too long no one will be left alive to do anything.

Once again the memories of Gennosuke and Oboro together are incredibly touching and make reality that much harsher. That’s what makes this series more than just a show about a bunch of samurai with cool powers killing each other. They’re taking the time to get you to really care about the characters by showing you where they’re coming from. It makes for a heartrending, gutwrenching, but much more enjoyable series.

I really felt bad for Koshiro when that father pulled his little boy away just for being near him. As if he doesn’t have enough reasons to feel bad about himself. Not to mention the mental anguish of being torn between loyalty to a superior, and love and loyalty for your leader.

Well from the way the last episode ended I knew something bad was about to happen, and boy was I right. “I will pour the essence of life into you..” Tenzen is a sick bastard. I’d rather listen to Jingoro’s nasty voice than have to see any scenes involving Tenzen from now on. Unfortunately, looks like he’ll last till the end while Jingoro will probably be dead within the next few episodes, if not in the next one.

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  1. Mohammad Says:

    I think Gennosuke wants to make sure that this battle is truly the shogun’s wish. He does not wish to fight but he will defend himself and his followers if necessary. The word of the shogun cannot be taken lightly because his rule was absolute during those days. He practically owns the land and the people living on the land. I wonder if Gennosuke will be able to defy him when he finds out that this battle is truly the shogun’s will.

    By the way, Jingoro is already dead. He melted in the salty sea water.

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