August 14, 2005

Suzuka 6

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Agghh, Suzuka is so mean! She goes from hot to cold every ten minutes. It’s no wonder Yamato is so confused. And to make things worse, she was the one who took his hand! When she did, I cheered because I thought maybe, just maybe, she would be able to acknowledge her feelings for Yamato. But when he finally confessed she got scared and backed off. Cruel, you are cruel Suzuka for how you deal with Yamato. Whatever your issues are, get over them! Is it the chaos and spontenaity of love that you, in your perfectly controlled body and life, fear so much?

I was so cheering Yamato on when he told Suzuka that he liked her. How brave of him! It was such a touching scene, and so well executed. Yamato’s inner dialogue throughout this episode was so touching and gave great insight into his character, and it was very realistic. It was such a happy, and yet painful, moment to watch him tell himself it’d be better if they just stayed friends and then see his true feelings slip from his lips almost against his will. Sometimes, you just can’t hold back how you really feel.

And then, when he cried and said, “they just won’t stop.” I cried with him. I so know how it feels to have loved someone from afar, and then one day you find yourself with the courage to speak up. And when you do, you’re shut down and left with your heart torn to shreds and kicking yourself for ever taking a chance.

Favourite. Episode. Yet.

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  1. Mentar Says:

    Yamato certainly deserves the purple anime heart for this scene, for finally doing what probably almost every single anime viewer wanted him to do (and where pretty much all other male anime leads fail). And the anime itself deserves a badge of honor for having the guts to depict such a all-too-NORMAL scene in a romance anime. Someone else able to name another show daring this so early?

    About Suzuka: You will have noticed her hesitation. If she would really be unaffected by Yamato, she would have reacted as she does all the time: Outspoken, straight and explicit rejection. However, she didn’t - obviously for reasons we can only guess. Also, recheck the worried look on her face when she regarded Yamato before the “ja ne”. She clearly didn’t like hurting him like that. Would she react like that if she simply felt her own lifestyle at risk?

    Anyway, this concludes the buildup of the basic setting. Let’s begin the real story ;)

  2. crimson Says:

    mayb, she’s afraid that she’s only treating yamato as an after-image of that guy-in-her-photo.

    anyway, great consideration is displayed by mr playboy again.
    Poor yamato, even though he’s quite sure of the outcome (becos he isnt as ‘experienced’ as hattori), he followed his emotion and tried to make the best out of the choice he made.
    Though, suzuka did mention the excuse: we dont know each other that long yet.
    I dont think suzuka is that cruel…i mean, things like those happens quite abit, not? :P

    anyway, seikai no senki III ova is out!!!!!

  3. Mohammad Says:

    “Someone else able to name another show daring this so early?”

    How about “Kare Kano”?!

    Poor Yamato. He is a very simple person because of his rural background. That’s probably why he was deeply hurt. City people can be very cruel.

  4. Mentar Says:

    Nope, in Kare Kano Arima wasn’t rejected. At least, not for more than one episode.

  5. Mohammad Says:

    I thought the word “daring” meant an early confession not an early rejection. Oh well, my mistake.

  6. Mentar Says:

    Ah, I see. No, with “daring” I meant showing the rejection itself with all the negative consequences (they DO see each other on a very regular basis, and this will be quite awkward for a while). This is uneasy stuff and unusual to show for romance animes imho :)

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