July 30, 2005

Suzuka 4

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As it turns out.. I’m not going to have time to post any sort of in-depth synopsis for this episode or for FMP. I’m house sitting for a friend of mine until Monday, and I have a million things to do between now and the time my flight to Europe leaves on Tuesday.

So, in short, I have to say that one of the things that draws me to Suzuka is how realistic the characters are. Our core group is not at all over the top. They respond in ways that normal people like you and me would, and it’s definitely not boring. I really want to know why Suzuka seems to want to hold any feelings she might have for Yamato in check. There were multiple times in this episode when she seemed on the verge of admitting that she likes him, even if only to herself, but then at the last second she pulls back and ends up making some rude remark to him as a result of her internal conflict.

I also enjoy how Hattori isn’t *just* a player. He’s actually quite wise, which I think balances out Yamato’s naiveté when it comes to the opposite sex.

So, yeah. Suzuka rocks. I gotta give Mentar all the credit for recommending and getting me so excited about this show.

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  1. crimson Says:

    i finally watched 1-3 today.
    i kinda like it becos there isnt the humor that revolves around a girl smacking a guy such that he flies across a street or a guy who enjoys peeping on the chicks. No overblown arguments, no face jesting, no ‘kiddish’ cold wars.

    it was interesting to see a womaniser have some sort of concern for his friend :P

    somehow, i would say “simplicity is elegance” applies.
    And that’s usually my type of flavour.

    The OP is nice especially the petals flying part. The same effect had worked on me previously from Lodoss War II anyway.

    i’m still waiting for episode 4 to be done downloading..

  2. Mentar Says:

    Heh, you’re welcome ;)

    Coming over to Europe? Where are you going?

  3. Ren Says:

    Crimson – I completely agree! I get my giggles out of Chidori beating Sousuke. It fits in that series. I find the lack of that kind of humour in Suzuka rather refreshing. :)

    Mentar – The Netherlands. For 8 wonderful days :D What part are you in?

  4. crimson Says:

    argh, the anime withdrawal symptom is manifesting.
    Havent really notice it since bleach.
    I hope sunday comes the next minute so i can get episode 5.

    At least, my electric guitar should be able to supress it meantime.

    safe and happy journeys ren and mentar.

  5. Mentar Says:

    Germany. Pretty close. So what are you doing over there? Beach time? ;)

    (No journey for me, I live there)

  6. Ren Says:

    Heyyyy Germany. I’ll be there one afternoon. We’re going to Castle Bentheim.

    I’m just going to hang out with some friends that live there, but I’ve never seen their country so they’re gonna take me around and let me be all touristy ^_^.

    ps. no beach for me. Too much sun sucks the life out of me. I am white as white can be, and I stay that way year round lol.

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