July 13, 2005

Glass Mask 5

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Maya practices dance and sucks horribly. In fact, in all of the practices she seems to suck horribly and gets yelled at by all of her teachers.

At her part time job Maya ends up serving a group of boys from her old school. One of them is Sakurakouji. I can’t remember if we’ve seen him before, which is sad because there’s only been four episodes before him, but methinks Maya has a little bit of a crush on this boy. Or maybe she’s just blushing because she’s not used to boys in general talking to her.

Back at school Tsukikage announces that they are going to put on a play, however the only lines any of the students will be speaking are “Yes. No. Thank you. I’m sorry.” Maya takes the sheet of words and wonders how they could possibly do a play with only these words to use.

As she continues to ponder how she can make those meager lines work, a fellow student offers some candy to her. Maya stares at the candy, and then thinks about the rain falling all around her. She then makes a connection: the word “ame” means both candy and rain. “Up until now, I’ve been using words without really thinking about them,” she realizes. But words can have many meanings, and a slight change in tone or inflection can change their meaning entirely. She then spends the evening studying words and their various meanings.

At work the next day she’s still focused on the word thing. Sakurakouji comes again and shows her a poster to a play which Ayumi will be performing in. Of course Maya wants to go, so Sakurakouhi brings her to the theatre company where Ayumi is practicing.

But as Maya attempts to watch Ayumi go through her lines she’s bombarded by reporters who want information on Tsukikage. Luckily Masumi is there and he bails her out before she’s forced to divulge any information.

Back at the school, it’s time to practice for the play. It’s also a test. One of the teachers is on stage, and each student will get a turn to perform with him. He’ll ask them questions and their challenge is to only use the list of words Tsukikage had previously provided to them. One by one students go up, and fail. Then Ayumi shows up and takes the place of the teacher on the stage.

Tsukikage chooses Maya to perform with her. It’s a hard performance, with Ayumi purposely trying to make Maya fail. But our girl comes through in the end!

The end result is that the other students in the school finally accept Maya as someone who has talent and who deserves to be at the school with them. She may suck at dancing, but she definitely doesn’t suck at acting!

Yay!! I’m so happy for Maya. It’s so horrible to have to live and work in a place where you feel unwanted and unaccepted. And though she shouldn’t have to prove anything to anyone to be liked and accepted, I’m glad that she was able to. The girl deserves some good encouraging friends, besides Tsukikage who I think is a little off her rocker. I wouldn’t want Maya spending too much time alone with her.

Well, I’m back to waiting another six weeks for the next sub to come out. Boo.


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