July 7, 2005

Basilisk 10

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So now that I’ve seen the sub, I’m gonna do an amended writeup for this episode.

As previously stated, this episode takes place at Sunpu Castle where the group of leaders evaluate the status of the battles between the Iga and Kouga. It’s a recap episode of sorts, with some new stuff thrown in.

Kyouhachirou Hattori recounts the battles he’s seen with his own eyes. It’s obviously that at this point in the game the Iga are in better shape. And I finally get an explanation for the scenes with the children and the angry ladies!

Apparently there is a conflict between the second Shogun, Hidetada’s, heirs – Kunichiyo and Takechiyo.

Takechiyo’s nanny, Ofuku, and his brother Kunichiyo’s attendants have gotten carried away with their desire to have their particular charge come into power. (So, they’re not mothers at all! See what happens when you watch raws and don’t know a lick of Japanese?) Anyway, apparently things got taken so far that someone even tried to poison Takechiyo’s medicated bath, but Ofuki sucked the poison out before it could kill him.

Soooo, things are getting pretty crazy in Edo.

Then word is brought to the council at Sunpu of the deaths of Yashamaru and Okoi. They also find out that the Kouga know about the broken peace treaty and of Gennosuke’s fight with Koshiro. Seven Iga remain. Five Kouga. And things are only gonna get more intense.

Bring it on!

Who Is he???     

(previous synopsis from June 16, 2005)
So, it started out like this was going to just be a recap episode. And in a lot of ways, it was as it basically revolved around a meeting between the shogun and Hattori Hanzo and some other guys that I don’t recognize.
Really dialogue heavy ep, which made it frustrating for me since I have NO idea what they’re saying. I think I missed out on some important information, especially when someone was telling a story about a little boy and two women who obviously hated each other. Who was that little boy? Is this a story from the past? What does that boy and those two women have to do with the situation between the Kouga and the Iga today? I neeeeeeeeeeeeeed to knowwwwwwwwww.

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  1. kawaii Says:

    Wow, that was fast! A recap episode, huh? I’m sure it’s still definitely worth watching, though.

    Yup, it sucks not being able to understand the dialogue…

  2. Kabitzin Says:

    What’s taking those Portuguese fansubbers so long?!?!?!

  3. Ren Says:

    They are torturing us purely for the fun of it methinks.

  4. brainyscholar Says:

    I think those 2 boys are the princes whom the Kouga and Iga each represents in the battle for power. The 2 women are either their mothers or loyal nannies. Don’t know for sure because I, too, did’t understand what the conversations were about but this is my presumptions. So don’t laugh out aloud, hehe…

  5. Ren Says:

    What you said may very well be true. Thank you for your input! As you already know, some new group has released episode 8 with english subs. Hopefully they’ll continue and we’ll get to see this ep and understand it a bit more

  6. brainyscholar Says:

    I think Oboro is kinda smart too because by killing herself she gets to be with Gennosuke and her people will live in prosperity as she was the last to die. I don’t think men are obligated to love. I don’t think you can force them to love nonetheless to die with you. This way Gennosuke betrayed his grandfather because by saying Oboro was the last to die all the credit went to Iga who will prosper from this lie. To me, I don’t think Danjo loved Ogen deep enough to die with her. Instead he chose to kill her for his clan as well as he himself live if not for Ogen who avenged her own death by killing Danjo in return. Ogen and Danjo were about to consummate their relationship as shown in the flashbacks yet they didn’t love each other enough to die for each other. On the other hand, their dating grandchildren, although their relationship was obviously not as far along as them, die for or die with each other. Gennosuke was willing to betray his clan for Oboro’s sake. Now that’s an honorable man who was in love.

  7. Ren Says:

    I don’t think she’s dead…. it would be rather… silly.. to kill off one of the primary characters this early in the series..

  8. brainyscholar Says:

    Oh Ren- I don’t mean she’s dead in the earlier eps. I refer to her death at the end of the series. Sorry to those whom dislike spoilers, it’s unintentional. It’s just I’m begging for the raw to come out sooner even if I don’t understand it, I like to see the pics. I’m wondering if we could dload directly from a jap site because I’m desperate. I dload the manga already from so I kinda knew what’s going on especially if the anime follows the manga closely. However, I beg the anime to differ a bit, for example, give us a bit more romance so the romantic fanatics don’t have to guess or even doubt the love between Gennosuke and Oboro. If this series portrays romance like R&J, then give us some good romantic moments in the anime which the manga lacks. So we can appreciate the sadness of the ending of the star-crossed lovers. Don’t you think? So whoever believes Gennosuke and Oboro are in love, raise your hand please, hehehehhehe!!!!

  9. Ren Says:

    Thank you for your thoughts. In the future though, I would appreciate if you wouldn’t post spoilers for things that have happened past where the anime is so far. Keep on visiting though :)

  10. brainyscholar Says:

    ep 11 raw is up for grabs at a couple and L33t-raw. i’m dloading now and will watch before going to bed even if it’s past midnight here.

  11. brainyscholar Says:

    I don’t think there are spoilers in my comments because they are just my thoughts. So here it is – I think there are more romantic moments in the anime than the manga. Just more scenes of tender loving moments share between Gennosuke and Oboro. The anime showed the flute dance and Gennosuke left the flute at Iga in ep 9 – these scenes are not in the manga. Also, just based on the scenes at the end of each ep where Gennosuke and Oboro are watching over a lake and mountain – I think the anime might end up being the pair leave together and hide in some secret place to live their lives together without anybody knowing who they are.

  12. ricenoodles Says:

    I accidently read a spoiler on a forum about the ending of the basilisk manga. boohoo. I don’t really like being spoiled, I much rather like being surprised watching it, but sometimes you just can’t help yourself when watching such an awesome series… Oh well I’m still looking forward to more releases. :)

  13. kawaii Says:

    ricenoodles – If it’s the same spoiler I read, the ending is pretty grim. Let’s hope it’s not true, though, and that it’ll end differently than the manga. :)

  14. Ransom Says:

    I really hope the Anime to have a diferent end, just like brainyscholar said, the anime doesn´t always have to be exactly like the manga. I hope both of them might be leaving together in the end.

  15. Washi Says:

    Argh! The spoilers, how they burn!

    Damn, so Oboro dies, eh? That’s a real shame, unless of course the anime is kind to me and decides to end differently to the manga (which is likely enough, considering a lot of viewers in Japan won’t want the same ending). Nice write up!

    This recap episode really annoyed me. I felt that it the producers thought it was necessary to have one at all, it wasn’t a good time to shove it in. Hopefully they’ll make up for it they’ll make up for their sins with lots of blood and death next episode. Btw, interested in trading blog links? :)

    I’ll add your anyway, as it is a nice blog indeed.

  16. Ren Says:

    I didn’t mind the recap, mainly because of the story of the Shogun’s two sons. But as for the recap itself, I’m sure it was useful for those who can’t remember who has died on which side at this point. lol.

    Thanks for linking me! I’ll add you too :D

  17. Washi Says:

    Thanks a lot!

    Yeah, the Shogun’s two sons aspect…there wasn’t enough!! Basically I just have a grudge against recap episodes, especially when I have them all sitting on my comp, so I can just relive the Basilisk experience when I feel the need for memory refreshment. If I was watching it on tv I might’ve appreciated it a bit more though…

  18. JayCeeBee Says:

    I’m guessing that Oeyo is the current emperor’s consort who gave birth to both Takechiyo and Kunichiyo, but favoured her youngest son more than her eldest. I also assume Oeyo had hired Ofuku (later called Lady Kasuga) to be Takechiyo’s wet nurse while she cared for Kunichiyo.

    Though Ofuku can be quite a conniving old cow, she cares deeply for Takechiyo like he was her own son and will do just about anything to ensure his future. And really I don’t blame her for having a protective, motherly nature towards the eldest prince.

    I think the high-class people at Sunpu are absolute d**kheads for setting the two ninja clans up to kill each other just so they could see which prince will become the next shogun. There ARE other ways to settle Succession Disputes ya know.

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