June 9, 2005


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Look what came in the mail today!! :D:D

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June 8, 2005

Kenshin 60

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I can’t even type, I’m so dumbfounded. Episode 60 of Rurouni Kenshin is hands down one of the most powerful episodes of any anime series I’ve seen in my life. I don’t have any profound thoughts, only astounded exclamations about this episode. The execution was perfect, the music was perfect… It was just.. agghhh .. amazing. If you haven’t seen Kenshin and are planning too, then read the rest of this entry at your own risk because it WILL be spoilery.


June 4, 2005

Glass Mask 3

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Finally some more Glass Mask!! SD sure took their time to release this episode, but it was well worth the wait. Sometimes it’s really annoying to have to wait for subs. I’m glad I’m starting my Japanese course at the University in the fall. Someday I’ll be able to watch raws!

So we pick up at the beginning of Maya’s school play. Maya plays Vivi the fool in the stupid/comedic manner as her teacher ordered.

But then Maya suddenly switches and plays the role seriously, shocking everyone in the crowd. It’s kinda weird how Maya’s voice gets deeper when she starts acting seriously, but i can chalk that up to her doing it on purpose to suit the role. Heck, I can make my voice sound differently if I want it to.

The teacher frets in the wings, but the crowd gives a standing ovation. You would think that would be enough to praise Maya, but he just yells at her for disobeying orders. Lawd there’s a lot of stupid adults in this show. At least Maya’s classmates have brains in their heads, and they congratulate her on doing such a great job.

Maya’s mother finds out that Maya did a GREAT job and had the most AMAZING part, one to be proud of not ashamed. Stupid mother!! That’ll show her!! I really strongly dislike her mother :| hahaha, can you tell ??

After the play, Maya’s performing itch gets stronger, and she sees an advertisement for a theatrical company that’s accepting new applicants.

She goes to apply, but is overwhelmed by the number and types of entrance examinations, as well as the registration costs and monthly fee. She ends up standing outside a window for two hours watching the students of the company practice, until a security dog comes after her.

One of the students, who noticed her watching, runs out and grabs the dog’s leash (why would a security dog be running around with a leash on?) And Matsumi catches Maya when she faints.

Maya is brought inside the school and her leg is bandaged. She confesses to Matsumi that she was watching the students, and that she wants to join the company but she doesn’t have the money.

This time she’s invited to watch the students practice and even participate. The other students make fun of her for her lack of experience. Ayumi, the 13 year old famous actress, is also a student of this school, and she comes and joins the pantomime practice.

In an effort to make Maya look stupid in front of the others, a catty student suggests that Maya does a pantomime first.

Then we have some great backstory for Tsukikage-san (formerly known as the lady in black, I’m so bad with names :P ) which I won’t sum up as I got so caught up in watching it I forgot to write anything. ha. She was quite the beauty when she was younger!

One thing I will say is that Tsukikage-san owns rights to a play called The Crimson Goddess, and since she does no one else can perform it. Matsumi and his croney want the rights as it was a huge hit back in its day. They even have an actress in mind to play the lead, but Tsukikage-san reveals that she has secretly chosen an actress for the role, but they have to wait 10 years to find out who it is.

Back to the school….. Maya pantomime’s “The Escaped Bird” and gets so into it that she forgets that she’s even performing. Ayumi ends up stepping in and helping her, even though the other students just mock Maya.

As Maya is on the train on the way home, she compares herself to Ayumi and worries that she will never measure up. But I think she’s fabulous!! I wanna grab a pair of pom poms and jump be her personal cheering squad. She’s so earnest, and so passionate. I admire people who can give their all to the things they love.

June 1, 2005

Basilisk 7

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Okoi gets interrogated about each of the Kouga ninjas and what their techniques are, but she refuses to give in no matter how she is threatened. (Ok, she’s not even allowed to go to the bathroom. That’s just evil!!!!!!!)

I really like Okoi. She’s gutsy. I especially liked how she made fun of Rousai’s stupid eggplant shaped head. Rousai’s comeback was super lame. “It’s filled with grudges against the Kouga.” Blah blah blah. But man, Okoi’s attack of draining the blood right out of people is flat nasty. I literally went ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww as I watched it. Power to the woman though. Down goes conehead!

Hotarubi sees “Yashamaru” (It’s really Zaemon) as he heads toward the Iga camp. She’s really out of it, and looks like she took Yashamaru’s death very hard.She drops her weapons and stumbles towards him. then runs at him, with tears falling from her eyes. A bittersweet scene really as she’s obviously relieved because she thinks he’s alive. How much harder will it be for her when she finds out the truth?
The snake on her shoulder knows that something isn’t right attacks “Yashamaru”. Hotarubi hurls the snake away and then proceeds to suck the poison from the wound on his finger.

I wonder if Yashamaru’s death made her crazy, or if she was crazy from the start, because she expressed way too much pleasure at the thought of how she dealt the finishing blow “again and again” to Shogen. *Shudder* I think she’s my favourite. What can I say, I indentify with the crazies.

Back to Okoi, who is still in the salt storage room. Rousai is dead and she’s about to leave when she hears someone approach. She hides Rousai’s body and quickly pretends to still be tied up. Ugly warty face man comes in looking for Rousai and sees Okoi. She pretends to cry and begs him to kill her. She claims to have been raped by Rousai. THEN Wartmonger decides he will rape her too, which drummed up all sorts of homicidal urges in me. Luckily Okoi took care of business so I don’t have to.

No ewww this time when she used her blood draining attack. My reaction went more like, “GOOD OKOI. KILL THAT NASTY BAD MAN.” He so freaking deserved it.

We end with Oboro meeting with Tenzen, who FINALLY tells her that the peace treaty has been broken! YAY!!! Now things should get very very interesting.


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I’m on now! Thanks Maestro.. now let’s see how long it takes for me to figure this out .. lol

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