June 15, 2005

Basilisk 9

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Woohoo new ending!! (Ok I realized later this wasn’t a new ending at all, but it was the first time I’d taken notice of it. hahahaha.. YES my hair is naturally blonde @_@)

Gennosuke is given the ninja scroll. As he’s reading over it, a large group of the Iga rush up to the three Kouga.

We then see Oboro, as she stares at Okoi’s dead body in horror and then runs out of the salt shed to find Gennosuke.

What she finds is a tense standoff between the Iga and the Kouga. There’s some jeering between the two groups (I’m guessing, as I can’t actually understand what they’re saying). Nenki then seems to tell a few of the Iga to attack Gennosuke.


The rush towards him but Gennosuke takes care of them with this freaking crazy attack that makes his eyes all psycho. There’s a bright light…….. and the Iga end up turning on each other and killing each other! Man that’s awesome! He doesn’t even have to lift a finger and his enemies are toast.

The Iga look on shock and Oboro faints as she reaches out to Gennosuke.

Gennosuke, Zaemon and Gyoubu make their way through the crowd of Iga, who seem too scared to even attempt to attack. Gennosuke walks right past Oboro without even a second glance.

However, as they are making their way towards the camp gate, Koshiro steps forward and prepares to attack Gennosuke. As they prepare to fight each other Oboro begs them both to stop.

Gennosuke ends up using his attack on Koshiro, and it basically blows up his eyes!!

Oboro is once again reduced to looking on in horror at the situation around her.

Gennosuke and his companions leave, returning to the Kouga camp.

We end with a meeting between the Iga as they discuss matters. Lots of dialogue in this part, so I was pretty lost, but it’s obvious that Tenzen is trying to convince Oboro to forget about her relationship with Gennosuke.

Oboro ends up taking out a small jar, ingesting its contents… and collapsing. A suicide attempt?! I’m sure she doesn’t die, it’s way too early in the series. I feel bad for her as her whole world is obviously collapsing around her, but she’s acting like she’s powerless and I don’t think she really is. Come on Oboro, get a backbone! Fight! Show us what you’re made of!

Now Gennosuke…. I fluctuate from loving him and hating him. 1. He’s hot. 2. He’s got a kick ass ninja ability. But… 3. He’s acting like a real jerk and I think he might be faking being a good guy.

I’m dying to know his true intentions and his true feelings for Oboro. He acted so coldly to her in this episode. But maybe he felt he had to at this point in time. Who knows why though. Ugh!! Must .. watch.. episode 10..

8 Responses to “Basilisk 9”

  1. kawaii Says:

    Nice screencaps! Can’t wait to watch this episode. :)

  2. Ren Says:

    Thanks! I’ll be putting up a little write-up when i get home from work tonight.

  3. kawaii Says:

    I just watched this episode, and oh man… Gennosuke shows his dark side! I can’t believe how cold he’s become toward Oboro. I know that they’re supposed to be enemies now, but did he have to be such a jerk about it? I don’t know why, but it really bothers me.. I think I’m getting way too emotionally involved in this show….lol.

  4. Ren Says:

    You and me both. It’s killing me not knowing what his true intentions and feelings are.

  5. kawaii Says:

    Great write-up, Ren! I feel the same way about Gennosuke - yes, he is undeniably HOT, but at the same time he’s so cold toward Oboro! Was that really necessary for him to be so cold toward the person he’s supposed to be in love with? Or, sadly, maybe it was all just an act to learn about her strengths and weaknesses as a leader. I can’t wait to see what’ll happen to the both of them.

  6. ricenoodles Says:

    How cool was the scene where he makes the guy chop off his own head.

    Oh, and Kagerou is HOT. >.

  7. Ren Says:

    That scene was wicked cool!

    And yes, Kagero is a lovely looking lady :P

    I still prefer Gennosuke even tho he’s acting like a big fat jerk.

  8. khai Says:

    i tink the kouga ppl are the gd guys here…the story wun be entitled basilisk: the kouga ninja scroll otherwise…
    i tink gennosuke was just pissed off at the iga ppl…
    n the thing/potion oboro put on her eyes is supposed to make her blind fer 7 days n nights…
    apparently her eyes can make any ninja powerless and she doesnt want her ability to do harm to the iga ninja…hence using the potion…

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