May 28, 2005

Futago Hime 3

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Today we start off with the twins hiding from Camelot under their bed avoid studying. Once the coast is clear it’s back to the Flame Kingdom to meet the ultra-kawaii Princess Leonne!

Fine and Rain are introduced to Leonne’s parents and brother. Lol, her brother and dad are kinda scary. Enthusiastic, but well meaning I suppose. :P

It ends up snowing, which of course being the Flame Kingdom is not normal! Leonne’s father decides that the problem is the dragon inside the volcano and that something must be done.

They go to get rid of the dragon, but it turns out the dragon was sick and that’s why all he could spout was smoke instead of fire to keep the kingdom warm. Fine and Rain, with the help of Leonne, help the dragon and the Flame Kingdom is restored!

Fine and Rain’s transformation sequence is just too cute! Man, I wish I could just say a few words and have my hair perfectly curled and find myself in a pretty dress. It would save me soo much time in the morning.

*Gives in a shot* Ran Ran….Ren?

Darn, still in my pjs and my hair’s a mess. Guess I’ll have to stick to the old fashioned way.

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