May 13, 2005

Basilisk 4

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Episode 4 takes us inside the Iga village. It’s obvious the Iga aren’t exactly ecstatic about having Kouga members inside their camp. The scene where they’re all sitting together is incredibly tense. Gennosuke and Oboro try to relax everyone, he plays beautiful flute music which she dances. Ahh a lovely scene. My favourite parts of this episode were the incredibly cute scenes between Gennosuke and Oboro. They’re adorable! I want to pinch their cheeks ^_^ heh.

But man, Jousuke is disgusting. Warring ninja factions aside, I woulda tried to kill him too if he kept coming on to me all the time like he did with Akeginu. Not to mention that he is basically rubber and can squeeze through iron bars and plop out the other side like a huge lump of blubber.

So we get to see more fighting between the ninjas, while Gennosuke and Oboro remain ignorant. I don’t think it will be much longer until they find out though.

How much longer till episode 5??

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