May 4, 2005

Glass Mask 2

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Glass Mask 2

It’s so obvious that Maya longs to be on stage. After the play is over she stays just sitting in her chair, watching the stage and daydreaming, while that weird lady in black watches her from a distance.

Unfortunately, after the escape of the play she has to return to her every day life where she feels belittled and out of place.

You know, I’d be totally weirded out if some lady came up to me like the lady in black did to Maya in the park in episode 1. I sure as heck would’ve run screaming just like Maya did. How much weirder is it to find out she ordered ramen just so you could come over, and then she has you recite lines from the play for her.. and when you try to leave she tells you not to go because she’s really come to like you @-@.. Dude. I’d so be out of there.

But of course she coerces Maya to stay by playing on Maya’s weakness – she loves to perform.

I have concluded that the lady in black is crazy and she scares me. Lol

Moving on to other things… at school Maya’s class is going to be putting on a play. It seems at least there she has some supporters as her classmates eagerly nominate Maya to be in the play.

When Maya tells her mom about the play, she initially expresses interest in seeing Maya perform, but my alarm bells went off when her mom tried to get out of going by saying she had nothing to wear. Maya finally convinces her, and asks her to bring her favourite lunch when she comes.

Maya ends up getting the role of a plain, poor girl. The lady in black tells her that this is the hardest role in the play, but “If it’s you, I think it can be done.” Even though I am glad that the woman is encouraging Maya (yeah, I realize I have to work on remembering her name lol), and her advice is true in the world of acting, I can’t help but be sad that Maya is being encouraged to “be someone else.”

“You must forget yourself…” she is told. Maybe I’m too soft hearted, but that just makes me want to jump up and hug Maya and say, “yes, while you’re acting that might help, but never forget that you are sweet and wonderful and valuable!” Haha.. maybe I should be a therapist.

Argh!! I just have to rant and rave about her mother now. With lines like this, “The number one fool of the country huh? It’s as expected. My daughter couldn’t possibly do a real role.” I want to punch her in the face!! How dare she be ashamed of Maya because she’s playing a fool in the play? It’s just a role! It doesn’t mean Maya is a fool too. It doesn’t mean Maya isn’t as good as her classmates. Support her no matter how big or small her role is!! Ugh!!

Maya is desperately seeking affirmation from her mother, and even makes a promise not to “shame”her, but of course her mom ignores all of these cries.

Taking the advice of the lady in black, Maya tries to play her character seriously, but she is reprimanded by the teacher and told to make it funnier – basically dumbing it down and making it harder for people to take Maya seriously as an actress. She gives in and does what he says. Man, hearing her say “I want to die” as if it’s a joke, so did not sit well with me.

Andddd of course her mom doesn’t show up at the play. She sends along Maya’s lunch with the boss’s daughter, who doesn’t deliver it.

As the curtain rises and the play begins, we see that the lady in black has come to see Maya’s performance.

The words, “If it is you, I think you can do it” echo in Maya’s head as the episode ends.

Final thoughts: Yay! I love this show! Bring on the drama!

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