April 18, 2005

Basilisk 1

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Basilisk Ep 1

I’m not even going to attempt to sum up what happened in this opening episode, because to be honest I don’t think I understood everything. Instead, I will just tell you the impression I got from it.

Overall I was very impressed with Basilisk and I’m looking forward to the next episode. The character designs were different than what I’ve seen in a while and it was refreshing to take a little break from the bright colours and huge eyes in the series I mostly watch. They reminded me of Ninja Scroll or the Rurouni Kenshin OAV (aka Samurai X: Reminiscence. The background music was very fitting, mysterious and at times majestic and seemed to fit the mood of the episode quite well.

The action sequences and fight scenes were very fluid and well done, even if some of the “moves” were beyond what a real human could do. But hey, this is anime - who needs reality??

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    nice anime ^^

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